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Many of my favorite recipes were either accidents, twists on something I read, or things taught to me I just couldn't help but stop and write it down. This is my Leather Bound Book.


Tortellini Soup

This recipe was an accidental discovery actually. In my restaurant we had over ordered some tortellini for pasta night and rather than doing the simple thing and return it, I decided to experiment. I took a bunch of traditional recipes and smashed them all togteher with this one just to see what happened. Well, in this instance it went well. Enjoy.

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Spinach Dip

Of all the staple recipes that everyone should have, an important one is a recipe for a good dip. This is a necessity for entertaining, great for appetizers, and a perfect option for a snack. It’s something you can enjoy at home on the couch watching a movie, or something that you can serve to guests at a dinner party.

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My Bolognese

This is a twist on an old Italian favorite. Not all of the ingredients are traditional, but you will be lucky to find any of my recipes with all traditional ingredients. Enjoy!

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