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Many of my favorite recipes were either accidents, twists on something I read, or things taught to me I just couldn't help but stop and write it down. This is my Leather Bound Book.


Orange Chicken

If you have read my posts in the past you probably have noticed that I do not do many Asian style dishes. The reason is I tried following a recipe once for beef and broccoli and completely failed, thus asserting my understanding of my inability to follow recipes. This time I decided to follow my gut and work with what I had on hand. Lucky for me that included dried orange peel. This orange chicken recipe is healthier than the battered chicken you would get from many other recipes, and the flavor is much better.

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Sweet Blanched Carrots in a Maple Glaze

Every once in a while I will stumble upon a dish I have never seen before, so instead of spending countless hours discovering a process I just ask the Chef. Luckily enough the Chef from this restaurant was glad to share his recipe with me, which of course I tweaked to make my own. Originally, the Chef sweet blanched these and chilled them on a cold plate to seal in the flavor and moisture. Of course I do not own a cold plate, and I couldn’t stop at one process. I am regretful that I did not take more pictures, but this was a last minute choice to include here, and I was too hungry to wait! These were a favorite of mine on one of my trips down south. Enjoy!

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Chorizo & Chicken Paella

Some of my fondest memories of my early restaurant experience come from working for a Chef about 8 years ago. Almost every day before the start of dinner he would cook the entire staff dinner. Some times it would be chicken fingers, some times it would be panko crusted tiger shrimp. It all depended on the previous days business, but one of my favorites was his paella. The only issue with his paella was that it was full of shell fish, and my entire family is allergic to it so when I made it at home of course no one could eat it. This is my alteration to a traditional Venetian dish for everyone to enjoy.

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Wednesday was my girlfriend’s birthday. 23 is not a rough age, but she was not looking forward to it in any way so I had to come up with a way to at least make it happy. What better way than with dessert? She had plans with her girlfriends after work for dinner, so my plan to woo her with my delicious cuisine was slightly infringed upon, but you cannot go wrong with dessert. She is always the dessert maker at home, so I wanted to give her a break.

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Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Overtime I feel my culinary skills have developed along with my palate. I have been able to create new and interesting culinary creations while adapting some traditional techniques with some of my own thrown in there. I am not trying to come across as conceded, but I hope that I have been able to grow and learn over time. Certain times I find myself perusing my culinary manuals trying to spark some sort of creation. Motivation? Inspiration? Whatever it may be, I was challenged when I found a butternut squash soup that I just had to make my own recipe for.

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