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About Chef Lane


I have been in the restaurant business since I was 15 years old starting off as a dishwasher at an old german restaurant in McMurray. Since then I have worked my way up through the restaurant hierarchy holding every position in the business, in restaurants like Kandle Keller, Abrios, Alfano’s, and Elephant & Castle. I took over Beechie’s Place with my mother Lisa in 2010, and strive to keep the same home town favorite that it has always been. I hold a degree in Business and Music from Westminster College, PA and have completed my Food Manager Certification, Chef Certification, and Business Management Certification. I recently have been awarded the FSR (Full Service Restaruant) Magazine's 40 under 40 Rising Stars award. I have traveled all over including the Eastern seaboard, Italy, Ireland, and England experiencing the food and the culture. Each place I have visited has strengthened my culinary abilities and knowledge. Every recipe you read includes my personal touch and creativity, even the ones that seem very simple. Every week I bring my creativity to work, making unusual and delicious items from all over the world and from many cultures. Blending together flavors and changing the old has become a specialty of mine, so you will never be bored.

There are two things I always tell people you shouldn't do to a creative Chef. One is leave us around your "family recipe book" because it will dissapear, and the second is leave us alone in the kitchen. It gives us the opportunity to use all of the ingredients in the kitchen to experiment and create. Don't ever let a Chef fool you and tell you everything they make is from years of experience and it is always delectable. They are completely full of it. Chef's may not always let you taste their mistakes, but I can guarantee first hand it does happen. In the words of Julia Child, “This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”. There is no way better to learn food than from making mistakes. Just watch when the inevitable explosion happens in the kitchen. It will happen, and it will hurt.

My recipes are here for you to try on your own. When I was younger I always wanted a Chef to give me one lesson out of that leather book I would see him stash in his pocket. These are my lessons to you. Read, ask questions, experiment, learn and "above all have fun!".